Smart pi ECOsystem for Venues
The Smart Public Information Solution for Venues

Are you looking for a way to communicate with your customers effectively and efficiently in your venue?

Do you want to create a pleasant and safe environment for your customers while increasing your revenue and security?

If so, you need the Smart Pi ECOsystem, the smart public information solution for venues.

The Smart pi ecosystem is a suite of products and applications that provide high-quality hardware and software for public information systems in venues, such as stadiums, arenas, theatres, and convention centres. It offers a fully integrated smart public information environment that works as one seamless system across different spaces and zones within a venue.

With the smart pi ecosystem, you can:

Deliver live or pre-recorded audio announcements to specific or multiple zones within a venue, using microphones, speakers, and network amplifiers. You can also convert live audio into text and display it on screens for hearing-impaired customers.

Play back background music from various sources, such as CDs, USBs, or streaming services, to create a pleasant atmosphere for customers. You can also control and adjust the background music for different zones within a venue, using volume, equalizer, and mixer settings.

Prioritize audio signals based on their importance and urgency. For example, emergency or safety messages can override background music or advertisements when needed. You can also configure and manage the audio priorities for different zones within a venue, using routing and switching settings.

Display visual advertisements on digital screens within a venue, such as LED boards, LCD monitors, or projectors. You can also customise and update the visual advertisements for different zones within a venue, using templates, display types, and scheduling settings.

View and manage your public information systems for different zones within a venue from a central point of control. You can also access reports, dashboards, and maps that show key metrics and trends of your systems.

The Smart pi ECOsystem is a useful solution for venues that want to enhance the customer experience, improve the venue efficiency, and increase the revenue and security of their operations. It is also easy to use and customize, as it has a user-friendly interface that allows you to access the documentation and support from the smart pi ecosystem.

If you are interested in learning more about the smart pi ecosystem or want to request a demo or a quote, please contact us today. We are always happy to help you with your public information needs.

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