Smart pi HLP

The Smart pi HLP (Help and Information Points) the ability to contact a Network Operations Centre to talk with an operator or listen to automated information messages generated by the Smart pi DVA.

Help and Information points offer vital information so quality audio and performance reliability are a top priority.

The Help Point systems are completely configurable, buttons can be configured to play announcements in different languages and video integration with Smart pi EYE is also available. Custom chassis are available to completely fit in with the image of any organisation.


  • Exceptional Audio Quality with OPUS VoIP codecs
  • Large 108mm 30 Watt driver to ensure you can hear even in loud environments
  • Very easy to use and can be configured by anyone via a simple web UI
  • Monitored with alearts via the Smart pi PBX
  • Built in Induction loop for the hearing impaired
  • Noise cancelling MEMs microphone to ensure you can be heard and understood
  • Full integration to the Smart pi DVA for automated messaging
  • Multi-function display option with Smart pi EYE

Customisation Options

Fully Customisation available for the housing
Electronics Only supply to integrate to your existing housings
Supports Standard SIP to integrate with ANY IP PBX

Example Topology

Smart pi PBX

Supports up to 500 extensions per server
All endpoints including help/information points and SIP trnks are monitored
High Quality audio via OPUS codec
Web Based GUI for easy management and configuration

Audio features

Crystal Clear audio with OPUS codec even via the internet
Noise Cancelling MEMs microphone
Large 30W speaker with 60hz-20khz frequency response
7 Band Parametric Equaliser
Speaker monitoring

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