Smart pi PBX

The Smart pi PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is an Audio Over IP gateway.

The Smart pi PBX has additional features including high quality compressed OPUS audio algorithms for use on Wide Area Networks where it is not possible to use linear audio such as Dante.

The Smart pi PBX ties all low bandwidth products together and monitors their connection status, this includes, Help and Information Points, the Smart pi DVA (for integrated Realtime automated messaging) and the Smart pi NAM for Wide Area support or paging from a customer’s phone system.

This flexible design allows systems of any complexity and design to be seamlessly integrated using industry stand SIP protocols and networks including the internet and VPN tunnels.


  • Exceptional Audio Quality and Speech Intelligibility
  • Modular system to ensure flexible installation options
  • Very easy to use and can be configured by anyone via a simple web UI
  • Front to back cooling ensuring maximum use of rack space, with embedded web server so no additional computer is required
  • LDAP / Active Directory Security Control
  • Built in Logic Engine can trigger and process calls from local and remote units via TCP/IP
  • Highly reliable, each card manages itself and can be mirrored (N+1). The Nodes use a passive backplane to ensure there is no single point of failure
  • Standards Based API using OCA / AES70 for control and integration


  • Smart pi HLP Help and Information Points
  • Smart pi NAM (with SIP option)
  • Smart pi DVA (with SIP option)
  • Most Corporate IP PBX’s via SIP or IAX Trunks
  • Most VoIP / SIP Providers via SIP or IAX Trunks


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