Smart pi LOG

The Smart pi LOG (Audio Logger) can scale from 64-128 channels with a single server, and to higher channel counts by adding Node Servers, with the ability to have over 1000 channels in a single system.

All users access the Server via the web interface which includes mobile support. Users can search, listen and download audio files.

As with all Smart pi ECOsystem products, Active Directory and LDAP are available for authentication, ensuring only required users have access to the system.

Speech to text conversion is available using Google AI and can be stored alongside any audio as meta data.

Additional encryption options are available if additonal security is required.


  • Full Linear Audio Quality
  • Modular Node based design can scale to 1000’s of channels in a single system
  • Very easy to use via a simple web UI with Active Directory / LDAP Authentication
  • Optionl file encryption for further security
  • Google AI integration for automatic speech to text metadata ingest
  • Up to 64 channels per node in Virtual Environment or 128 channels in Bare Metal
  • Centralised search across all nodes or individually
  • Storage / Archive only limited by disk size

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