Smart pi SPL

Professional Sound Pressure Level Metering & Logging (Smart pi SPL) with dual inputs.
The Smart pi SPL has both a web server for remote interfaces and HDMI for direct connection to any screen. The Smart pi SPL includes all requirements for government mandated metering including configurable display values and logging.
The system is compatible with any Class 2 microphone and allows for a measurement chain according to IEC 61672-1. An optional MEMS microphone is also available.
The system is easy to calibrate and generates calibration certificates via the web interface. Logging files can be exported in a variety of formats and the system can be optionally configured for remote access.


2 x Class 2 Preamps (recommended MicW i436 Class 2 certified measurement microphone)
Web Interface for both configuration and display with up to 20 users
HDMI output for display
USB powered
Easy to update
Ethernet and WiFi connectivity

MIC 1 – 3.5 mm socket
MIC 2 – 3.5 mm socket


MEMS Mic 2.5 mm socket
Micro USB – power
WiFi antenna socket


Configurable display and logging interfaces can include:

  • dBA (LAeq, 1sec)
  • dBA (LAeq, 15 / 60 min floating)
  • dBC (LCeq, 15 / 60 min floating)
  • Last calibration date
  • Other display requirements can be configured


  • Download logs via the web interface
  • Remote logging options available
  • Auto erase function, number of days can be configured

There is no PC required to run the unit
Calibration via web browser*
*Requires optional calibration unit such as: BWSA Tech CA114/115

Screen display view

Mobile / Vertical

PC / Landscape

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