Smart pi NAM

The Smart pi NAM (Network Amplifier Modules) are commercial and industrial amplifiers that can be installed in the field and close to the speaker location, this allows ease of changing audio zoning, sources, priorities and volume for every single speaker within the system.

Indoor and Outdoor (IP66) NAMs are available for each model.

Each NAM has 4 x 12-Watt RMS class D amplifiers, an Ethernet switch with 2 fibre and 2 ethernet ports, and built in DSP (EQ, FIR, delay and gain).

The NAM-HP has 4 x 75-Watt RMS class D amplifiers further offering the ability to incorporate TCoil and induction loops into PA systems for the hearing impaired.


Power 36 – 52 VDC (1.5 A) – with real-time monitoring
Temperature Operating temperature range: 0° to 70° Celsius.
Recommended storage temperature: -40° to +100° Celsius.
Network 2 x Gigabit Ethernet
2 x Small form-factor pluggable (SFP) ports.
AutoDetecting – one of each type assigned per LAN in redundancy config.
Amplification NAM: 4 x 12 W RMS (8 O)
NAM-HP: 4 x 75 W RMS (8 O)
AES-3 IN (PLUS) 24 bit, sample rate conversion, Input Max 7:1, max range 139 DNR.
Analogue I/O (PLUS) Up to 2 in and 2 out at +4 dBu Line Level
GPIO (PLUS) Vox sources for GPIO triggers.
Microphone input 48v Phantom, ref level -18 / -20 dBfs, gain -2.5 to +41.5 dB, max in +18 dB
SD card Audio files = 48k / 16 bit mono (card FAT32 : allocation unit size 512 bytes).
Status Amp status LED Indicator.
AES ‘Lock’ LED Indicator (PLUS option).
Management Web browser interface (up to 20 users).
API for remote integration.
Dante™ Domain Manager (DDM).
Backup / Restore
Remote update via network


  • Speaker Impedance Measurement with definable tolerance range
  • Amp status with fault codes
  • Onboard tone generator – White, Pink, 1 k Sine, 400 Hz Sine – adjustable level
  • Selectable DSP per output and input – AES, Dante™ 1-8, Mic, AES (L,R), Tone and SD Card.
  • 2500 ms delay per channel in 1 ms steps.
  • VOX control triggers – Dante™ 1-8, Mic, AES (PLUS option)
  • Latency settings
  • 1000 point FIR filter per channel
  • 7 band Parametric equaliser per channel



Dante Domain Manager (DDM) Ready
Enhanced Dante Wide Area Support for low bandwidth and large systems.

Indoor NAMs

Standard 4 x 12 Watt NAM and NAM-HP 4 x 75 Watt versions available
Supports up to 4 zones with built in DSP (EQ, Dymanics, Mixer)
Speaker Monitoring
Hearing and Induction Loops (NAM-HP only)

Outdoor IP66 NAMs

NAM and NAM-HP options available
NAMplus boards for GPIO, AES/IP and sip available
4 port switch 2 x Ethernet RJ45 and 2 x SFP
Custom Colours Available

Audio features
  • Linear Dante Support
  • SIP (OPUS) option available for Wide Area and Internet based connectivity
  • 7 Band Paramatric Equalisers
  • Ambient Noise Sensing Microphone input
  • Mix, Mute and DIM options built in for smaller installatons
  • Low Noise High Quality Class D Amplifiers

Smart pi NAM – Block Diagram

Smart pi NAM-HP – Block Diagram

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