Smart pi DVA

The Smart pi DVA is our Automatic (Digital Voice Announcement) system and is perfect for the transport industry.

Incorporating a web-based GUI with mobile support that is easy to operate, with multi-language support, text to speech engine and more.

Messages are clear and understood, every time with a built in scheduler, GTFS and GTFS-R support simple integration for automated announcements have never been this easy.

The Smart pi DVA is the perfect fit for large scale transportation hubs where clear, timely and correct announcements to passengers are key.

  • A simple to operate web based GUI with built in mobile support
  • Multi Language support with either audio library or Text to Speech
  • A Natural Speech Engine to ensure your announcements sound human
  • Full Scheduler and Timetable allowing either scheduled or set interval messaging
  • LDAP / Active Directory Security Control
  • Full API and GTFS/GTFS-R support
  • Rolling stock EN50155 option available
  • Standards Based API using OCA / AES70 for control and integration

Screen Views


Dante Domain Manager (DDM) Ready
Enhanced Dante Wide Area Support for low bandwidth and large systems.
Dante Virutal Sound Card support for virtualised servers (up to 64 channels). Dante PCIe Sound Card support for up to 128 channels on bare metal servers.

Master DVA

Fully Redundant 1+1 online mode with seemless failover
Message to any zone form a single web user interface
Timetabled and Schedualed announcements from a central location for all nodes
Record, upload and schedual new messages including Text to Speech options.

Node DVA’s

Supports realtime API for integration to any system (Train, Bus, Airport etc)
Fully redundant optoin available for each node
Scaleable capacity from 64 zones to 1000’s of zones

Audio features

Support all standard audio formats
Text to Speech with Nuance or Amazon Polly
Supports Virtualised environments with up to 64 zones per server
Supports Bare Metal environments with up to 128 zones per server
100 Audio Priorities
OCA/AES70 integration to Smart pi ECOsystem

System Topology

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