Smart pi RTA

The Smart pi RTA (Real Time Aggregator) is a node based software application that can process large feeds of real-time data in GTFS and GTFS-R formats, supporting both single and multiple agencies.

The Smart pi RTA has fast processing times of 70 seconds for GTFS and less than 5 seconds for GTFS-R.

Smart pi RTA can filter feeds by agency and/or create new feeds with only the required agencies, it is also possible to merge multiple feeds together and remove unused data from feeds such as shape data, ensuring downstream systems only process the data required (Smart pi EYE, Smart pi DVA etc).

The Smart pi RTA application it is written on the .NET platform and is managed via a built in web interface.

The RTA node server can be installed and run on Windows and/or Linux servers and can be installed on premises, in the cloud or as a hybrid installation.

All user interfaces are HTML5 based and can be used with any browser, LDAP integration is available for security permissions and single sign on, the .NET application self hosts the user interface for easy of installation, upgrades and management.

Smart pi RTA is node-based for easy expansion and has a fully redundant architecture.


  • Process Large Feeds for single and multiple agencies
  • Fast processing (70 seconds for GTFS and <5 seconds for GTFS-R)
  • Filter feeds by agency / creating new feeds with only required agencies
  • Merge multiple feeds together
  • Remove unused data from feeds (IE shape data)
  • Add new plugins for custom protocols and map to GTFS/GTFS-R output

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