Smart pi ECOsystem for the Transport Industry

The Smart pi ECOsystem is a suite of products and applications that provide high-quality hardware and software for public information systems in the transport industry.

It offers a fully integrated smart public information environment that works as one seamless system across public spaces and transportation hubs of all sizes.

Some of the benefits of using the Smart pi ECOsystem are:

Inclusive design: The Smart pi ECOsystem allows for the dissemination of public information in multiple ways, such as audio, visual, text, and different languages, to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of passengers. It also uses Google AI to convert live audio into text and display it on screens with hearing loops.

Real-time accuracy: The Smart pi ECOsystem enables the delivery of real-time information to passengers, such as schedules, delays, alerts, and safety messages. It also integrates with multiple data sources, such as GTFS and GTFS-R feeds, to display mixed transport information from different providers and modes.

Easy to use and customize: The Smart pi ECOsystem has a user-friendly interface that allows transport operators to manage and control their public information systems with ease.

It also offers customised templates, display types, and settings to suit different scenarios and requirements

The Smart pi ECOsystem is a smart upgrade for public information systems that can enhance the passenger experience, improve the network efficiency, and increase the security and compliance of transport operations.

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