Smart pi HLP: A Smart Solution for Help and Information Points
Help and information points are devices that allow users to contact a network operations centre to talk with an operator or listen to automated information messages.
They are often installed in public places, such as train stations, airports, shopping centres, etc., to provide assistance and guidance to customers, passengers, and visitors.

However, not all help and information points are created equal. Some of them may have poor audio quality, unreliable performance, limited functionality, or complex configuration. That’s why the Smart pi ECOsystem includes the Smart pi HLP (Help and Information Points), a smart solution that offers exceptional audio quality, performance reliability, and easy configuration.

The Smart pi HLP is a networkable device that uses the OPUS VoIP codec to deliver crystal clear audio even via the internet. It has a large 108mm 30W speaker with a 60Hz-20kHz frequency response and a 7-band parametric equaliser to ensure that the sound can be heard even in loud environments. It also has a noise-cancelling MEMs microphone to ensure that the user can be heard and understood by the operator.

The Smart pi HLP has a built-in induction loop for the hearing impaired, which allows them to connect their hearing aids or cochlear implants with a T-coil to the device and receive wireless audio signals. The device also supports standard SIP protocol, which means it can integrate with any IP PBX system, the HLP can be integrated with the Smart pi DVA (Digital Voice Announcement) system, which can generate automated information messages based on real-time data.

The Smart pi HLP has a very easy-to-use web-based GUI that allows anyone to configure the device via a web browser or an app. The buttons on the device can be configured to play announcements in different languages or perform custom functions. The Smart pi HLP can also be customized to fit the image of any organisation, with completely custom options available.

The Smart pi HLP is one of the products offered as part of the Smart pi ECOsystem,




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