Smart pi ECOsystem for integrated Evacuation Systems

The Smart pi ECOsystem is more than just a product. It is a comprehensive suite of products and applications that work together to create a smart public information environment for the transport industry.

Whether you need to display, announce, or stream information across public spaces and transportation hubs, the Smart pi ECOsystem has you covered. It offers high-quality hardware and software that are fully integrated and easy to use.

With the Smart pi ECOsystem, you can:

Manage and update information from a central location or remotely via the cloud

Display dynamic and interactive information on various types of screens and devices

Announce clear and consistent messages using text-to-speech or pre-recorded audio

Stream live or on-demand audio and video content to enhance the passenger experience

Connect with other systems and devices using standard protocols and interfaces

Smart pi FSM: A Smart Fire Safety Manager

One of the key components of the Smart pi ECOsystem is the smart pi FSM, or Fire Safety Manager. It is a device that connects the Smart pi ECOsystem with evacuation systems, such as fire panels.

The smart pi FSM is designed to comply with the EN54-16 standards for voice alarm systems. It ensures that in case of an emergency, the Smart pi ECOsystem can broadcast clear and intelligible evacuation messages to guide passengers to safety.

The Smart pi FSM can also monitor and control audio for other standards, such as the AS 60849 standard in Australia. It can switch between different audio sources and zones, adjust volume levels, and perform self-tests.

The Smart pi FSM is easy to configure via a built-in web interface. It also has a front panel with LED indicators, buttons, and status displays that show the device’s operation and health.

The smart pi FSM is a reliable and flexible solution for integrating the Smart pi ECOsystem with evacuation systems in the transport industry. It enhances the safety and security of passengers and staff in public spaces and transportation hubs.

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