How Smart pi Products Can Improve the Customer Experience on Board
One of their main areas of use for the Smart pi ECOsystem is the public transport industry, including a range of products that can improve the customer experience on board trains, buses, trams, etc.

Some of products include the Smart pi NAM, Smart pi DVA, and  Smart pi EYE, which are designed to work together as a public information ECOsystem. These products have been tested and approved for rolling stock applications according to the EN50155 standard, which specifies the requirements for electronic equipment used on railway vehicles.

The Smart pi NAM (Networkable Amplifier Module) is a compact device that can drive up to 2 single loops or a phased array for hearing loop systems. It can also be used as a networkable amplifier for public address systems. The Smart pi NAM has a built-in network interface that allows remote monitoring and control via a web browser or API and can be integrated with other audio sources.

The Smart pi DVA (Digital Voice Announcement) is an automatic announcement system that can generate real-time information messages based on data from various sources, including  GTFS/GTFS-R. The Smart pi DVA has a web-based GUI with mobile support that is easy to operate, with multi-language support, text-to-speech engine, and more. It can also be integrated with the Smart pi NAM and the Smart pi EYE for synchronised audio and visual announcements.

The Smart pi EYE is a visual information system that can manage content for digital signage, advertising, and wayfinding from a single interface. It can display passenger information, static messages, videos, images and more. Smart pi EYE is part of the Smart pi ECOsystem and is integrated with the Smart pi DVA for automated messaging and the Smart pi NAM for audio output.

By using these products together, public transport operators can provide a better customer experience on board their vehicles to:

Improve accessibility and inclusion for people with hearing loss by providing hearing loop systems that deliver clear and direct sound to their hearing aids or cochlear implants.

Improve information and communication for all customers by providing audio and visual announcements that are consistent, accurate, timely, and relevant to their journey.

Improve branding and marketing for their services by providing digital signage and advertising that are attractive, engaging, and customisable to their image.

These products are easy to configure, use open protocols, follow industry standards, and are supported with regular updates, new features, and maintenance. They are scalable and upgradeable for use in small and large systems that can grow with the your needs.




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