Why Hearing Loops are Important in Public Areas and Transportation Hubs

Hearing loops are a type of assistive listening system that can help people with hearing loss hear better in various settings.

They consist of a wire loop that generates a magnetic field, which is picked up by the telecoil (T-coil) in the hearing aid or cochlear implant.

This allows the wearer to receive audio signals wirelessly from the sound source that is connected to the hearing loop system, such as a microphone or sound system.

Hearing loops have many benefits for people with hearing loss, especially in public areas and transportation hubs where there is often a lot of background noise and poor acoustics.


Some of the reasons why hearing loops are important:

Hearing loops improve speech intelligibility and sound quality. Hearing loops deliver clear and direct sound to the hearing aid or cochlear implant, without any interference from ambient noise or reverberation. This makes it easier for people with hearing loss to understand speech and follow conversations, as well as enjoy music and other sounds.

Hearing loops enhance accessibility and inclusion. Hearing loops enable people with hearing loss to access information and services that are otherwise difficult or impossible to hear, such as public announcements, ticket counters, information desks, lifts, platforms, etc. This increases their independence and confidence to travel and participate in public life. Hearing loops also comply with the disability discrimination laws and standards that require public venues to provide reasonable adjustments for people with disabilities.

Hearing loops are compatible and convenient. Hearing loops work with most hearing aids and cochlear implants that have a T-coil, which is a common feature in many devices. The user only needs to switch on the T-coil mode to connect to the hearing loop, without any additional equipment or batteries. Hearing loops are also discreet and do not require any self-disclosure or request for a device from the venue staff.

One of the products that can provide hearing loop solutions for public areas and transportation hubs is the Smart pi NAM-HP, which is a networkable amplifier module that can drive up to 2 single loops or a phased array. The Smart pi NAM-HP has a compact design that can be easily installed in various locations, such as trains, buses, trams, platforms, bus stops and more. They also have a built-in network interface that allows remote monitoring and control via Smart pi NMS, a browser and/or an API.

The Smart pi NAM-HP can deliver high-quality sound to people with hearing loss who use hearing aids or cochlear implants with a T-coil. It can also be integrated with other audio sources, such as microphones, sound systems, intercoms, etc., to provide clear and consistent announcements and information.

The Smart pi NAM-HP is one of the products offered in the Smart pi ECOsystem,


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