Smart pi ECOsystem for Audio Public Address Systems
Are you looking for a way to deliver clear, consistent and reliable audio announcements to your customers, visitors or passengers?
Do you want to enhance your public spaces and transportation hubs with dynamic and interactive visual information displays?
Do you need a system that is easy to install, configure and operate, while being scalable, upgradeable and compatible with other devices and protocols?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you might be interested in the Smart pi ECOsystem – a connected digital network of audio and visual information that puts the human at the centre.

What is the Smart pi ECOsystem?
The Smart pi ECOsystem is a suite of products and technologies that work together to provide high quality audio and visual information across public spaces and transportation hubs of all sizes.

The ECOsystem consists of four main components:

Smart pi Audio – a fully integrated audio public address system that delivers crystal clear sound, intelligibility and coverage. It uses advanced digital signal processing, networked audio distribution and smart amplification to ensure optimal performance and reliability. It also supports emergency voice communication, background music and intercom functions as well as the latest in ambient noise control.

Smart pi Visual – a versatile visual information system that can display any type of content, such as timetables, maps, advertisements, news, weather and more. It uses high resolution LED screens, touchscreens and/or projection technology to create dynamic and interactive displays that can be customised to suit any environment and application. It also supports remote management, monitoring and updating of content.

Smart pi Help and Information – When you need to communicate with your customers, visitors or passengers in public spaces or transportation hubs, you want to make sure they can hear you clearly and understand you easily. You also want to provide them with the option to contact you or access automated information messages when they need help or guidance. That’s why you need the Smart pi HLP – a versatile and reliable system that offers exceptional audio quality and performance.

Smart pi Management– Smart pi NMS and RTA – Data Management Products
If you are looking for a way to manage, monitor and process large amounts of data from various sources and devices in your public space or transportation hub, you might be interested in the Smart pi NMS and RTA – two powerful data management products that are part of the Smart pi ECOsystem.

What are the benefits of the Smart pi ECOsystem?
The Smart pi ECOsystem offers many benefits for users, customers and operators, such as:

Improved customer experience – by providing clear, consistent and relevant audio and visual information that meets the needs and expectations of customers in different situations and contexts.

Enhanced operational efficiency – by simplifying the installation, configuration and operation of the audio and visual systems, reducing maintenance costs and downtime, and enabling remote control and management of devices and content.

Increased future-proofing – by using open standards, modular design and upgradeable technology that allows the ECOsystem to grow with changing needs and demands, and to integrate with other systems and devices.

How can you get the Smart pi ECOsystem?
If you are interested in getting the Smart pi ECOsystem for your public space or transportation hub, you can contact us at or visit our website at for more information.

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